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Welcome to Your Small Business Academy!

Do you struggle to say what you sell?

Does your explanation wander without a real start and stop? Do customers politely say thank you and walk away?

As frustrating as these moments are, it doesn't matter how good you are at what you do if no one understands what you do or why they should buy your products/services. And you're not alone.

Life is too short to battle with chronic low sales. You have only so much time to start showing a profit. I know it can feel like there isn't a solution without tripping over your tongue—and there is! I'm here to help move you from watching potential customers walk away to building a DREAM™️ Business: Design Remarkable Experiences and Monetize.

The first step? Download the Free Small Business Brand Tool Kit System - 7 Must-Have Accounts to Getting Seen today. It's the smart way to get started on your path to visibility as you build your small business.

And then when you're ready, check out the BYO Money Message, where you can learn how to connect with the right customers so that you can make sales today.

Available Products

BYO Brand Strategy Masterclass

Are you tired of making low sales?

Building a brand strategy is a critical key to the success of your business. Originally reserved for big companies by big agencies, Lisa shows you how to move from confusing customers to making sales. 


BYO Money Message Course

Are You Resonating with Your Audience?

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if nobody understands why they should work with you or why they should buy your product. This Build-Your-Own Money Message will move you from monologuing endlessly like a supervillain and confusing customers to immediately making sales. 

Guaranteed to get results!

Discover Your Brand Archetype

Are you a recognized brand?

Capture the attention of your audience with your newly identified archetype that will help build your compelling brand.


BYO Ideal Audience Course

Are You Getting All the Customers You Need?

The Right Audience is Critical to Making Money

Learn how to identify your customer out of a crowd to craft customer exclusivity using Lisa’s HourGlass Effect™ formula.

And feel like Sherlock when you’re identifying your ideal customer.

Guaranteed to get results!

Free Small Business Brand Tool Kit

7 Quick Steps to Get Seen

Not to be missed! Establish your business brand on the right accounts to own and grow a successful business.


BYOBlueprint Package (DWY*)

BYO Blueprint™ is for startups and small businesses who need to articulate their vision. Knowing what you stand for and what you want will set you on the road to dominating your industry immediately.

A big picture strategy that identifies your brand and business opportunities with a plan to move forward the same day.

*Done With You (DWY) Package

BYOLaunch Package (DFY*)

BYO Launch™ is for startups and small businesses who need dynamic branding now and don’t have the time to wait to start selling. Everything you need to boost your business game immediately.

A total brand package ready for you to begin
attracting and selling to serious customers in just 3 weeks.

*Done For You (DFY) Package

BYO Storytelling Framework

Are you telling the right story?

Design captivating frameworks for relatable stories that will attract buying customers.

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