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BYO Money Message Course

BYO Money Message Course

Are You Resonating with Your Audience?

Do you struggle to say what you sell? Does your explanation wander without a real start and stop? Do customers politely say thank you and walk away?

And in these dark moments of doubt, do you ask yourself
"Why did they walk away?"
"Should I offer them a discount?"
"Can I use my telekineses to make them buy?"

Short answer: Nooooo, you can't use your telekineses on your customers. 😜

The answer is simple: You are not your customer. You don't know what they think when they see your product.

It doesn't matter how good you are at what you do if no one understands what you do or why they should buy your products/services.

Life is too short to battle with chronic low sales. You have only so much time to start showing a profit. I know it can feel like there isn't a solution without villainy—but there is—and I'm here to help guide you in building a successful business without watching potential customers walk away.

This Build-Your-Own Money Message will move you from monologuing endlessly like a supervillain and confusing customers to immediately making sales. Use Lisa’s ARC Effect™ system to emotionally attract, resonate, and connect with your customers to build a profitable business.

Your mission should you choose to accept it:

Design and build a brand money message for your small business in one day or less so the next time you face your customers, you can clearly and confidently state how your business solves their problem in 5 seconds or less and have them eagerly buy your product.

And you can leave the telekineses to the tricksters.

Guaranteed to get results!

10 Modules

Pre-Course Survey

Establishing where you are in your entrepreneurial journey before heading into the course will give me a better understanding of how I can best help you. 

Thanks so much!

Your Tendency

Engage more effectively with our customers, meet deadlines, and suffer less stress and burnout.

Who doesn’t want that?

Your Origin Story

If you’re having trouble communicating or connecting emotionally with your customers, you're in the right place.

Ready, Aim, Focus!

If you’re unclear about your market, you’ll learn how to form connections that align with your customer’s desires and make them your priority.

Workout & Reveal

If you're unclear about your customer’s impressions of your products and services, we'll analyze them to ensure a perfect fit. 

Make a Pledge

Do you have the fear of commitment? Learn how to happily make a promise to your customers with honor.

Announce Your Intentions

Now is the chance to shine your signal to the sky that attracts, resonates, and emotionally connects with your ideal audience and never feel sleazy again making a sale.

Modules for this product 10
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